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Beauty tips: How to cover up a cold

If you've got to look good despite your cold symptoms, these beauty secrets will save the day
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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks

Your nose is red and runny; your eyes are all puffy and so bloodshot they look like a road map. On top of everything else, a cold sore is threatening to break out on your upper lip. There's no denying it, you've got a stinking cold.

However, you've also got a commitment you can't break. Whether it's an important work meeting, your friend's birthday or your own wedding, you've got to be there and you've got to look good - no matter how bad your cold is.

Does this sound impossible? It's not - ask a celebrity makeup artist

No one can avoid a cold even celebrities and royalty. They have to put on a smile and show up for interviews and photo shoots.

"Even my celebrity clients can't always choose the most convenient time to have a cold", says world class makeup artist Michael Maron. "Most have no choice but to 'face' the public and the paparazzi, as well as their commitments to perform, show up for interviews, or even walk the red carpet. Regardless of how they feel, they still manage to look great."

Michael should know. He's a pioneer of the makeover and a best-selling author.

You can do it, too. All it takes are a few home remedies, a little common sense, and a few cosmetic tricks.

Cold symptoms: The nose knows

Among the most telltale - and unattractive - cold symptoms is a red, runny nose, often made worse by constant blowing and wiping.

That's why experts say a good beauty tip when you have a cold is to invest in a box of lotion-treated tissues. Never use napkins or paper towels as they are too harsh for your delicate skin.

Make-up artist Daniel Sandler has built up a loyal following of celebrity clients including Claudia Winkelman, Davina McCall and Martine McCutcheon.

"Red noses are not only sensitive but skin is dry so apply a nourishing, creamy textured concealer to disguise redness and hydrate dry skin. The best way to apply is to use your middle finger, tapping the makeup on until redness is hidden."

"Apply a touch of green primer under your concealer to counteract the redness," says top makeup artist Julia Francis. "The primer also helps to keep the area moisturised."

Julia's clients include actress and winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2010 Kara Tointon, TV presenter and model Melanie Sykes, and comedian Jonathon Ross.

Top beauty blogger Ree who gives her tips for Hello Magazine online says, "Concealer looks terrible applied to dry flaky skin particularly around the nose. So make sure you moisturise the area well first."

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