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Depression health centre

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Home remedies

Find out which home remedy for depression is safe and effective and learn what role diet and exercise can play in helping relieve symptoms of depression.

Home remedies

Many people look for home remedies in addition to conventional depression treatment. Find out which home remedies are safe and effective.

St. John’s wort has been registered by the medicines regulatory body, the MHRA, for sale in the UK as a traditional herbal medicine used to relieve the symptoms of slightly low mood and mild anxiety.

What is "mindfulness"? What sorts of conditions can it help?


Could a diet for depression help your moods? Learn more about a depression diet and find out how certain foods and nutrients might help you.

Learn more about foods that boost your mood and fight winter weight gain.


In some cases, exercise can work as well as antidepressants. Find out how exercise is an excellent treatment for depression symptoms and may help to boost your mood.

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