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Why can’t I lose weight?

WebMD Feature
Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks

So you are watching your calories and doing regular exercise and you’re still not losing weight?

Have you thought about your environment? Who you’re spending time with? Where you’re eating and what you are doing?

Ask yourself these questions and you may find out what’s holding up your weight loss.

1. Are you being distracted?

If you eat on the go, in front of the TV or while checking your emails stop right there! Make them no-food zones as eating in this way is mindless, you are way more likely to keep shovelling food into your mouth without even thinking about it. So sit down at a table and eat slowly savouring every mouthful. If possible eat with others but even if it’s just you make the effort to eat without distractions.

2. Who do you go out with?

You know a night out with some mates is always going to start with a few drinks and end with a curry. If you are determined to lose weight it may be best to avoid them for a while even though that sounds harsh! Or if you are confident of your will power go out but stick to soft low cal drinks and make healthy food choices at the curry house. You may have another teetotal friend who likes going for a run for fun! Perhaps go out with them instead, it’ll be a different type of night out but it’ll help with losing weight!

3. Do you buy convenience food?

If you prepare meals from scratch you are more likely to know what’s in your food and to make sure it’s healthy and not full of fats, salt and sugar.

So skip the ready-meals and stick your apron on!

4. Do you eat alone?

If you live with family or friends try to eat together, you’ll chat between mouthfuls so eat more slowly and have time to feel full. It takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to register being full after you’ve eaten so the slower you eat the less you’ll overeat.

5. Are you stuck with workplace traditions?

Some offices and workplaces often have in built traditions that revolve around unhealthy foods! Hey it’s Friday let’s all have chocolate biscuits or if it’s someone’s birthday they bring in cakes for the whole office. When it’s your birthday take in a basket of juicy and delicious fruit. There are bound to be other people who’d actually be quite happy with a change from stodgy sponge! Strawberry anyone?

5. Do you buy junk?

If it’s not there you can’t eat it. Don’t bow to kids demands for sugary fizzy drinks, biscuits and crisps. If they aren’t easily accessible in your house there’s not a problem. That way snack food becomes treat food not food that you can just pick up at will.

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