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Losing weight

Tired of losing at weight loss? Learn how to get your diet going by setting goals, getting support and finding the best diet for you. 

Starting off on the right foot

The difficulty in losing weight and keeping it off leads many people to turn to a professional or commercial weight loss programme for help. Get tips on joining the right weight loss programme for you.

These questions may help begin the discussion.

With so many other pressures on your time it can be tempting to try to lose some weight quickly. Get tips on healthy ways to lose weight safely.

Sweeteners are commonly used as a low calorie alternative to sugar - useful if trying to lose weight along with a calorie-controlled diet.

Use the BootsWebMD calculator to help determine weight loss goals.

How do you count calories? How does counting calories help with weight loss? Get the answers here.

'How many calories do I need a day?' is a common question dietitians are asked. Get the answer here.

Get the answer here.

Leptin is a hormone that helps control weight.  Read more.

Do this, not that

Avoid these five types of diets for best weight loss results, experts say.

Some food dos and don'ts are best ignored, experts say.

Get the real facts about fad diets, and learn some healthy weight loss tactics that really work.

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