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Watch out, there's a New Year celebrity diet about

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Keith David Barnard
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9th December 2016 – Almost as predictable in life as death and taxes, diets endorsed by celebrities are coming to get you again.

As Christmas indulgence turns to New Year weight loss guilt, these faddish diets, favoured by the famous and the not-so-famous, will be mulled over in newspapers, magazines and on daytime TV shows.

Big business dieting is as inevitable a part of the calendar as the latest Hollywood divorce news.

Each year, the British Dietetic Association (BDA) targets the weirdest and whackiest, identifies the luvvies who follow them and assesses their flab-fighting merit – if any.

So, here are the top 5 celebrity diets that dietitians at the BDA want thrown off the red carpet at the Oscars or BAFTAs.

1. Clean Eating

What's it all about? Well, the idea is to shun all processed foods and eat only so-called 'clean' foods. That means chucking out the refined sugar, cooking from scratch, and choosing foods in their natural state. Purists go a step further and cut out gluten, grains, dairy, and even in some cases encourage a raw-food diet.

Apparently, Australian model Miranda Kerr and American actress Jessica Alba are fans of this technique. So too are cookery writers, the Hemsley sisters, Jasmine and Melissa, and fellow food writer, 'Deliciously Ella'.

The BDA's verdict is that we'd all be better off if we applied the word 'clean' to kitchen surfaces and not what we eat. "Whilst it is beneficial to reduce refined sugar and limit processed food intake, the idea of foods being 'clean' and 'dirty' is concerning," it says. "In some circumstances this way of thinking is a prelude to 'Orthorexia Nervosa' – an obsession with foods that the individual considers to be healthy, and elimination of any food that is deemed unhealthy.”

Perhaps we should be grateful: Two years ago, this number 1 spot went to ' urine therapy' after elite soldier Bear Grylls drank his own wee on a TV show.

2. Diet pills

Pills are on sale that claim to stop some fat we eat being absorbed into the body. Some manufacturers say their products can actually 'melt' fat, while others claim their pills supress appetite or boost the body's metabolism to burn off calories.

Kim Kardashian and The Only Way Is Essex star, Sam Faier, have reportedly used diet pills to try to lose weight.

The BDA says people should be warned of a huge rise in the number of so-called diet pills being sold on the internet, and that some of these products are not only unregulated but could prove fatal if they contain substances not licenced for human consumption, such as pesticides.

"Diet pills should never be taken without first consulting your GP, pharmacist or dietitian as even regulated weight loss medicines on prescription can have nasty side effects including diarrhoea," it cautions.

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