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Health benefits of cricket

Origins of cricket

Cricket originated in England hundreds of years ago but is now played across the world.

It’s one of the world’s most popular sports, especially in countries like India, Australia, Pakistan and South Africa.

It’s played mainly on a cricket field but it can be played in parks or even on the beach.

Some people see cricket as a relaxing hobby, others play it competitively at club, county or international level.



How popular is cricket?

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) says 1.7 million people play recreational cricket, in teams, at school or on the beach.

As well as traditional cricket, other versions of the game can be played, including Easy Cricket and Last Man Stands Twenty20 cricket to try to encourage new players.

Health benefits of cricket

In common with most sports there are health benefits to playing cricket. It can improve endurance, stamina, physical fitness and hand eye-coordination.

Cricket also involves short bursts of sprinting and throwing which is good for cardiovascular health.

The game is good for developing team skills. It can help with social interaction and helps you to work with other people.

How do you play cricket?

It’s basically a bat and ball sport. Two teams play against one another on a cricket pitch. One side bats as the other side bowls and fields. They then swap around. There are 11 players a side and a game can last anywhere from several hours to several days

The aim of the game is to score more runs than the opposition. The person in bat stands in front of a set of wooden posts called stumps. The bowler tries to hit the stumps with the ball to bowl the batter out. The batter protects the stumps and tries to hit the ball as far away as possible. When the batter has hit the ball he starts running to another set of stumps at the end of a 22-yard area, called a wicket, to score a run.

What equipment do I need?

You can pick up a children’s cricket set relatively cheaply from a supermarket. It’ll contain stumps, a bat and a soft ball.

For hard ball cricket you’ll need a helmet, pads, gloves and a box (to protect your groin if you are male). Most clubs insist you play in cricket whites.

You’ll also need a bat and a leather ball. The general rule with bats is they should reach your hip level when held on the floor.

Advice on getting started in cricket

Children may play cricket at school or may like to join a local club. They usually start from the age of about seven. Kids usually play a simple version of the game called Kwik cricket until they are around 10. It’s played with a plastic ball and ball.

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