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Fitness and exercise: Finding help

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks

If you are looking for more information about fitness, we can help. Use these resources to find more advice and support as you get in shape.

This list offers a guide to fitness organisations and resources online.

If you've been inspired by UK athletes' sporting successes – and want to go for gold in future – or just have fun getting fit – these resources may help:

England Athletics

Sport Scotland

British Cycling

Badminton - No Strings

British Taekwondo

British Equestrian Federation

ASA British Swimming

Advice on swimming as a way to get fit and stay healthy.

The Register of Exercise Professionals

The Register of Exercise Professionals is a government-recognised scheme that helps provide regulation for instructors, coaches, trainers and teachers in the exercise and fitness industry.

Fitness Industry Association

The Fitness Industry Association represents about 30,000 trained and registered professionals in the UK fitness industry.

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Reviewed on June 01, 2016

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