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Fuel your body

Forget gimmicky diets with empty promises. For a healthy, trimmer body, you need good nutrition. Build muscle, not fat.

Fat-burning food

Here are 5 tips to help you get there.

Muscle-building fuel

What do protein shakes consist of, and what are their true benefits?

Do supplements provide an easy way to slim down or bulk up?

Can you be a vegetarian, or even a vegan, and still be a top-performing athlete? Yes, is the short answer.


What is ZMA, and is there any advantage to taking it?

Can you build fitness, strength and endurance without eating meat?

In the news

One way that athletes can be stripped of awards or disqualified from events is anabolic steroid doping. Learn more about what this means.

Andro is another common form of doping that can get an athlete in trouble. Find out more.

In some bodybuilders, supplement abuse has been linked to a condition known as 'bigorexia'.

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