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Get lean

You gain flexibility, burn calories, and look sleeker when you’re active and exercising. Take things up a notch, and you’ll reap the benefits. Start here!

Cardio: A beginner’s guide

One of the keys to successful cardio workouts is to maintain the proper heart rate during exercise. Calculate yours.

Get the answer here.


Learn more about the most common running injuries for pros and beginners and how to avoid them.

Swimming, cycling, rowing and more

Inspired by British cycling success? You don't have to be Sir Bradley Wiggins to reap the benefits of cycling.

Sometimes the weather doesn't permit cycling. Learn more about indoor cycling workouts and classes.

Learn more about handcycling -  a sport growing in popularity among both the disabled and the able-bodied.

The health and fitness benefits of swimming.

Forget hibernating: Winter sports are worth braving the cold for.

The British Fencing Association describes fencing sport as fast, exciting and athletic exercise that keeps both body and mind fit.

Use happy childhood memories to get some exercise and sunshine.

Could cricket for the sport for you?

Handball is a fast paced game with similarities to basketball and netball. What are its health benefits?

Fighting fit – learn how to kick and punch your way into better shape.

Exergaming uses active video games to combine body movement with gaming skill.

Just about any dance style can raise your heart rate, burn calories and tone muscles.

Zumba is one of the fastest growing fitness crazes in the UK. 

Barre and ballet classes are an increasingly popular way to keep fit for men and women.

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