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Tips for success

The path to a regular exercise routine has great rewards as well as roadblocks. We’ll help make it simple and safe, and give you motivation to push on.

Beating the obstacles

Having a goal is the easy bit, achieving it takes effort.

Tips to help make exercise a priority - and enjoyable too

With fitness shortcuts, you exercise less and benefit more.

Staying safe

A workout injury can happen to anyone. Learn six ways to avoid workout injuries.

Learn more about strains and sprains.

Among the most serious of sport injuries, concussions are also common. Read more about this traumatic brain injury, including symptoms, causes and treatments.

Learn how to prevent pulling a hamstring.

Many athletes get shin splints, also called sore shins or medial tibial stress syndrome. What are they?

Learn the symptoms of a broken finger and when to seek medical advice.

Lactic acidosis occurs naturally during vigorous exercise but is temporary and is not harmful.

Muscle damage can be in the form of tearing of the muscle fibres and the tendons attached to the muscle.

Any kind of trauma, like a fall, blow or strain, can cause a shoulder dislocation. Learn more about dislocated and separated shoulders.

Read more about this common shoulder injury.

Turf toe is a sprain of the ligaments around the big toe joint.

Learn more about wrist sprains.

Learn more about groin pulls and how to take care of them.

You don’t need to play golf to suffer from golfer's elbow.

Muscle aches? Why not take an Epsom salts bath?

Kinesiology tapes are thin, light-weight, mostly cotton, adhesive tapes used mainly to treat and prevent sports-related injuries.

Protecting knees and ankles

Learn more about the anatomy of the ankle.

Learn more about runner’s knee.

Learn more about the most common causes of ankle injuries and how to treat them.

Read more about the most common ankle injury: the sprain.

Learn more about painful injuries affecting the tendon in the heel.

Ligament injuries in the knee - such as an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) - can be painful and debilitating.

Jumper's knee is a disease of the tendon in adult athletes. Read more. 

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