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Life stages

Nutritional needs change as we get older - from childhood to older age.

Toddlers and schoolchildren

Young children should eat a healthy and varied diet to get all the nutrients they need for growth and development and to establish good eating habits for life - but they can be picky eaters.

You can feed your child healthy food whatever their age.

Not only is it OK to eat between meals, snacking can actually be good for your child.

Feeding hungry teens

Parents can help teenagers learn to make healthy food choices.

Energy drinks are incredibly popular with teens and adults. Learn more about the pros and cons.

Read these top tips for keeping students' meals on the right track.

Worried about the effects of caffeine on your teenager? Get the facts here.

There may be times, especially when raising a toddler or teenage girl, when your child is not getting enough iron for their needs.

Healthy eating for grown-ups

Good nutrition and exercise don't just help maintain muscle strength and keep weight under control, they also help a maintain good heart and bone health.

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