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Nutrition basics

Your nutrition questions answered, including which nutrients are essential for health? Can eating some foods help prevent cancer? Do you need a daily multivitamin?

Essential nutrients

Learn why iron is important for your body.

Spinach may not give you superhuman strength like Popeye, but this leafy green vegetable and other foods containing iron can help you fend off a different type of enemy - iron-deficiency anaemia.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, you're probably looking for one piece of information: How much do you need?

Learn more about the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, and how to avoid it.

Get the answer from dietitian Catherine Collins.


Can easy-to-find 'superfoods' help ward off heart disease, cancer, cholesterol and more?

What are antioxidants and free radicals? Learn more here.

When it comes to healthy hair, it’s not just what you put on your tresses that count – it’s what you put in your body, too.

Read about the health benefits of beetroot.

Find out the health benefits and potential side effects of goji berries.

Is wheatgrass good for you? What is it?  Find out.

Is caffeine a superhero or a supervillain? Find out the myths and the facts.

Find out whether chocolate is a superfood.

How do raw cacao or cocoa differ from 'chocolate' and do they provide any health benefits?

Read more about the different types of tea and their health benefits.

What are the health benefits of matcha powdered green tea?

What are the health benefits of dragon fruit?

What is this fruit and is it good for us?

Chia seeds are small, black, oval shaped seeds similar in size to sesame seeds.

Advocates of these South American seeds claim chia seeds are a 'superfood' that has health benefits, but what's the truth?

Prevent illness

Check the list of immune system boosters and busters to see where you’re doing well - and where you could do with improvement.

Add these 'superfoods' to your daily diet, and you may increase your odds of maintaining a healthy brain for the rest of your life.

Unlike other "diet" books, the Perricone Promise promotes healthy ageing and more. Read our expert review.

The British Dietetic Association says diet and obesity can play a role in the development of some cancers so the right diet can go a long way to prevent certain cancers developing. Learn more.

Read more about the health benefits of acai berries and acai berry juice.

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