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The skin health benefits of mineral make-up


Screens the sun

The ingredients in mineral make-up, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are both sun blocks, so mineral make-up products do have a degree of sun protection.

Even so, it’s always recommended to put a sunscreen on if you are out and about, even on cloudy days, to protect your skin from the effects of the sun.

Zinc oxide also has skin protection qualities. It’s often used to treat nappy rash so can help soothe irritated skin.

"There are no nasties, just high quality ingredients that look after the skin", says beauty therapist Sarah.

How do you look?

Women don’t buy mineral make-up products just because they are good for their skin, it’s about how they look as well.

"They have a special lustre that gives the face a lovely glow, producing a healthy, youthful appearance to blemished, aged skin or sufferers of rosacea," according to Nadine Anderson from BareFaced Beauty.

She says: "The fine, pure pigments blend easily on the skin and provide a natural, flawless sheer cover. In fact, our mineral cosmetics are so pure and gentle that you may even sleep with them on."

Kerry Cowie from Purity Health, Beauty and Wellbeing at Buckie in Scotland says: "Basically I wouldn't use anything else! I use brands which offer antioxidant skin care benefits alongside natural minerals."

"I love using these as they give the skin a natural, healthy glow, perfect for teenage to mature skin, and are completely natural."

Potential pitfalls

There are some potential drawbacks to using mineral make-up.

It can be a little limited in its range of shades so it may be tricky to match a skin tone perfectly.

As it doesn’t have standard cosmetic ingredients like binders that make it stick to your skin, mineral make up may need touching up more regularly as it might not last as long.

There have been some concerns about the ingredient bismuth oxychloride in mineral make-up. It gives the make up its pearly finish. It’s been said to cause irritation which has led to some cosmetic companies eliminating it from their formulas.

A spokesperson for the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association says: "As with all cosmetic products, the ingredients used in mineral cosmetics and the finished product will have to comply with the strict cosmetics legislation and therefore be safe to use as intended."

Mineral ranges

Mineral make-up started out as a loose powder foundation. You can now buy blusher, bronzer, eye shadow, lipstick and even liquid foundations in mineral ranges.

Some have added back some of the preservatives so they may not be 100% true mineral make up. The rule of thumb is the fewer the ingredients the more natural the product.

The nub of the matter is that mineral powder loose foundation is a good choice for sensitive skins. It may improve your acne and you may like the look and feel of it on your skin.

Reviewed on June 13, 2016

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