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Shampoo and conditioning tips for fine and delicate hair

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks

Some people are blessed with a thick mane of lustrous hair that always looks fabulous- then there's the rest of us!

How we wash and condition our hair plays a big part in how it looks.

Washing your hair is one of those routine actions we all do without much thought, like brushing our teeth or having a shower.

We could probably do it in our sleep - wet hair, shampoo, rinse, conditioner, rinse, towel or blow dry - sorted!

If you're one of the lucky ones you're probably fine to stick to that. If your hair is fine and delicate you may need a little more help.

With a few tips and tweaks you can definitely make the most of what nature's given you.

Go for volumising shampoo

You'd think that fine and thin hair would benefit from a really creamy shampoo to re-moisturise it but apparently not.

Hair expert Scott Cornwall says: "Don't use a shampoo that's too rich as it'll make fine hair look too flat."

Instead he says, "Always pick a shampoo from the volumising range."

Shampoo that is made specifically for fine and thin hair is also a good choice.

"Look out for products that help to 'build body', 'volumise' or 'thicken' your hair," says Charlie Lyon, editor of Your Hair magazine.

"Ideally you're looking for products that contain proteins, these will help to coat the hair, making each strand look thicker, and seemingly have more body."

A clear rather than creamy shampoo works best for fine and delicate hair.

"Fine hair gets weighed down quicker than other hair types as the build up of products, sebum and dirt is more noticeable," says Charlie. "If your hair is fine, it's often best to wash your hair everyday to prevent it from becoming limp."

Tricology is the scientific study of the hair and scalp. Marilyn Sherlock is Chairman of the Institute of Tricologists.

She says: "Go for a product from one of the big, well-known companies as they will have invested heavily in research and trials."

"Products for fine hair put a coating of silicone on the hair shaft which make it look fuller. Some even leave individual tiny blobs of silicone which make it look like you've got lots more hair."

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