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If you need help coping with dry skin, have questions about your skin type, or want tips for improving your body image, these articles can help.

Skin basics

This article explains normal, combination, dry, and oily skin types and how to care for your skin.

Learn about 11 common causes of dry skin and get helpful tips for coping. Read this in-depth article.

Keep your skin looking its best by adopting healthy habits and shunning the sun.

There are so many buzzwords in skin care. We help you sort through which ingredients show the most promise.

Avoiding contact with irritants is the best way to protect sensitive skin, so it is important to know what can irritate it.

What is sensitive skin? Get answers to this and many other questions.

Stretch marks can happen with pregnancy, or any other kind of rapid weight change. Learn more.

Do you know the active ingredients in your antiperspirant? 

Get answers from Dr Rob Hicks.

Hands, feet and nails

What clues can your nails provide about your overall health? Find out.

What does it mean when ridges appear in your fingernails? Find out more.

Learn more about foot and nail care for women.

Read the best tips for men when it comes to foot and nail care.

Body image

Understand what influences body image, and how to shift the focus from having a “perfect” body to being healthy and happy.

Special concerns

Concerned about unsightly veins? Read more here.

Learn about the risks from dermal piercings.

Get answers here.

Miniscule balls of plastic known as 'microbeads' by the cosmetic industry are used in personal care products, but do they cause any harm?

Hair removal

What are all the options for removing unwanted hair on your face or body?

Laser hair removal beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. 

Myths and facts about this long-lasting method of hair removal.

Ingrown hairs are common side effects of many kinds of hair removal. Learn more.


Learn more about liposuction.

Lipoplasty is an enhancement of the classic liposuction procedure. Learn more.

Learn more about the tummy tuck procedure to deal with extra abdominal skin.

Read more about arm, thigh and buttock lifts.

There are a number of surgeries for breast changes and enhancements. Read about the options here.

Learn more about breast lifts.

Find out more about breast implants.

Recent news has called the safety of breast implants into question. Find out more.

Read more about breast reduction surgery.

A non-surgical, non-invasive procedure is available that can freeze away targeted fat.

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