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Makeup tips to cover psoriasis

There may be times when a person with psoriasis may want to use 'camouflage' cover-up products and makeup.

Psoriasis camouflage won't completely hide the condition, but it can make psoriasis less noticeable, and make a person feel more comfortable and confident in public.

The Psoriasis Association says times when camouflage may be helpful include time of bad flare-ups or special occasions, such as job interviews or weddings.

Special cosmetics are available to buy or in some cases may be available through the NHS on prescription.


Psoriasis camouflage

There are two basic approaches for psoriasis camouflage.

Cosmetic products. While standard lotions and makeup may not help, some cosmetic products are designed to help people with skin problems. For instance, certain creams have green dyes that neutralise the redness on the skin. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for recommendations.

Self-tanning lotions. While they once made people more orange than tan, today's self-tanning lotions look more realistic. They can also work as psoriasis camouflage, some experts say. Keep in mind that tanning lotions don't provide any actual protection against the sun's rays so you need to be careful about getting excess exposure.

Experts do have some warnings about using psoriasis camouflage.

Be careful where you use it. Don't use any cosmetic cover-up for psoriasis on open sores, or raw or bleeding skin. If you have pustular or erythrodermic psoriasis ask your doctor before using any cosmetics. Cover-up may not work and could just make your psoriasis worse.

Watch out for skin irritation. It should be common sense, but if cosmetic cover-up for psoriasis seems to aggravate your skin, stop using it.

Know the limits. Psoriasis camouflage doesn't work for everyone. If your psoriasis is under good control and all you have is some redness - or brown spots - cosmetic cover-up for psoriasis may help. But if there are raised patches or the skin is scaly, no cover-up is probably a better idea.

If you're interested in trying cosmetic cover-up for psoriasis, keep your expectations realistic and ask your doctor or pharmacist for a recommendation. The charity Changing Faces offers advice and support on skin camouflage.

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks on May 12, 2017

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