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Heart disease health centre

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Overview & facts

Learn the facts about how the heart works -- and the causes and risk factors for heart disease.

What is heart disease?

Follow this guide to how the healthy heart works and the information you need to understand heart disease.

See a picture of the heart and learn more about common heart problems.

An illustrated guide to the different types of heart disease.

Learn more about heart disease and congestive heart failure.


Atherosclerosis -- hardening of the arteries -- occurs when the walls of these blood vessels thicken due to deposits of fat and plaque. This narrowing or blockage of the arteries causes heart disease.

Are You at Risk?

Read more about the risk factors for heart disease.

Read more about common heart problems in men.

Pollution in the air is linked to an increased risk of heart attack. 


What you eat affects your heart. Find out why, and learn the basics of a heart-healthy diet.

Your heart needs exercise. Learn how you're never too old or too out of shape to start giving it the exercise it needs.

You know it's bad for your lungs. It hurts your heart, too.

Stress itself isn't so bad, it's all down to how you handle it. Here are some helpful tips.

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