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Looking your best

There’s nothing unmanly about wanting to look good. Get the latest on grooming, skin care, and treatments for thinning hair.


Looking a bit saggy? Here’s everything you need to know about cosmetic surgery for men, including the questions you should ask before undergoing it.

Men have been shaving for thousands of years, so why do we still go to work with nicks, stubble, and razor burn? Read tips from shaving professionals on how to get a smooth and painless shave.

Hair (or lack of it)

He had been terrified of going bald ever since school. Read about how one man learned to stop being ashamed and accept, if not embrace, his baldness.

Looking good like David Beckham takes time and male grooming. Get tips on manscaping and removing unwanted body hair.

Baldness and hirsutism are just two of the common embarrassing problems men have. Read more.

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