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Tips for men to cope with hair loss

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks

Losing their hair can be hard for some men to deal with. Catching the first glimpse of an emerging bald spot in a changing room mirror or noticing your fringe is a lot higher than it used to be can be a shattering realisation.

How to deal with going bald isn't always easy. In fact a 2015 survey of 2,000 men in the UK suggested more would rather lose their job or be cheated on by their partner than lose their hair. The same study suggested that a third of men think about their hair getting thinner every single day.

Coping with male pattern baldness

Coping with male pattern baldness may not be as bad as having a serious illness or experiencing a major trauma but to play down the issue is to ignore the symbolism of hair and how it makes men feel.

A mane of thick luxurious hair is a sign of youth and vitality to many men. When it starts to thin and fall out it can be seen as an insult to masculinity and a sign of age.

A fifth of men in the study thought thinning hair would make them less attractive and 25% were worried it would make them look older than they really were.

Psychologist and psychotherapist, Corinne Sweet, says: "Men fear they will lose their attractiveness and power when they lose their hair. Will they still be able to hack it pulling partners, and will they cut it at work?" She adds:"A full head of hair denotes youth, virility and health, so a balding pate can panic a man into feeling he is 'past it' before his prime."

How to deal with going bald

A study by researchers in Berlin found that hair loss can have a serious psychological impact leading to low self-esteem and even an impaired quality of life for some men.

If you are going bald you may become the butt of other people's jokes and banter, which can be hurtful.

"I have known of many women (and full haired men) who think it's OK to laugh or draw attention to a man's thinning hair," says top hair expert Scott Cornwall.

"That's exactly the same as calling a woman 'fat' or saying she has started to put on weight. It's ultimately a dig at the individual's appearance and self-esteem and you just don't do it," adds Scott.

Embracing baldness

Some men love being bald and losing their hair is not a problem. Indeed 2012 research in the US has suggested that bald men or men with shaved heads appear more powerful, dominant and stronger.

"There is a sector of men who always like their hair short or shaved. Therefore, when they do start to thin they do not notice it nor care," says Scott.

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