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Alcohol abuse health centre

Finding help: Alcohol abuse

Looking for more information, advice and support about alcohol abuse? Here are some organisations to help.

Alcohol Concern

Alcohol Concern is a national charity working on alcohol issues with the goal of improving lives by reducing the harm caused by alcohol.

You will have seen a link to drinkaware on alcohol adverts. This group aims to change the UK's drinking habits for the better and offers information and research insights into alcohol problems.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Alcoholics Anonymous members share their experiences as they help each other recover from alcoholism.


Adfam works to support families affected by alcohol and drugs.



Addaction aims to help transform the lives of people affected by drug and alcohol problems.

Alcohol Research UK

Alcohol Research UK aims to reduce alcohol-related harm by researching evidence into alcohol policy and funding research into alcohol harm prevention, policy and culture.

Alcohol Focus Scotland

This charity focuses on reducing harm caused by alcohol in Scotland. Alcohol Focus Scotland believes that we all need to drink less to help reduce lives lost and suffering from alcohol abuse.

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