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Overview & facts

When is a headache a migraine? How can you tell? Take the first steps towards finding relief for you or your child.   

What is a migraine?

Find out what makes a migraine different from other kinds of headaches.

Get basic information for managing various types of chronic headaches.  

Children’s headaches occur for the same reasons adults get headaches. See how they are evaluated and diagnosed in children and adolescents.

Get answers to frequent concerns about headaches and migraines. Read about the role of caffeine and pain relievers as causes of headaches.


Find out about some common migraine and headache triggers and tips to avoid them.

Are you at risk?

Exercise and sex may seem like strange bedfellows, but both can trigger headaches.

Is dinner causing dismal migraines? Learn what to avoid and get tips on controlling migraine food triggers.

If you’re sensitive, smoking and secondhand smoke can ignite frequent and sometimes severe headaches.

Caffeine can serve as a treatment for headaches or cause caffeine headaches from withdrawal. Find out how.

Read about the connections between headaches and hormones.

Learn more about how the weather might trigger headaches.

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