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Oral health centre

Mouth and body

Eating healthily, caring for baby teeth, private dental insurance, dental health for the elderly, cosmetic dentistry: Learn what you need to know about caring for your dental health.

Mouth and body

Find out more about the ways your oral health reflects your whole body.

Healthy habits, healthy mouth

Discover which foods and drinks are “mouth healthy” and what to avoid.

Find out nutrition tips to improve the oral health of the entire family.

Mouth sores, teeth grinding and a bad diet can all be signs of stress. Find out how stress really can leave you feeling down in the mouth.

Keeping your mouth healthy can also keep your heart healthy. Find out more.

Of special concern

Medication you take can be good for treating an ailment, but bad for your oral health. Find out about common side effects.

Sometimes our normal sense of taste can temporarily change, causing a metallic or other bad taste in the mouth. 

Women may be more susceptible to dental health issues because of their unique hormonal changes. Learn when they are and how women can prevent oral health problems today.

Smoking can lead to many dental health problems, from bad breath to gum disease, oral cancer and more. Find out why, whether smokeless tobacco is safer and get tips on kicking the habit.

Diabetes affects the whole body, including your mouth. What problems are people with diabetes at a higher risk of? How should you care for your teeth? Get the facts.

In very rare cases, bacteria in the mouth may trigger endocarditis in people at higher risk. Learn more about the connections between your mouth and your heart.

Discover more about special dental care concerns for people with heart disease.

Learn more about gingivitis during pregnancy and pregnancy granulomas

Tooth resorption occurs if cells in your body attack and destroy the tissues of a tooth.

Can 'oil pulling' with coconut oil whiten teeth? We look at the evidence.

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