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Oral health centre

Oral hygiene basics

Dental health can be important for your overall health. From preventing tooth decay and avoiding mouth injuries to banishing bad breath and more, you'll find it here.

Oral health FAQ

How many teeth do you have as a child and then as an adult? What do those teeth look like? Find out in this introduction to your dental health.

Learn more about basic tooth and gum care.

From amalgam fillings to x-rays, find answers to your dental health questions.

Bad and good dental habits

Crunching, sucking and sipping – they can all undo the good work your dentist does to protect your teeth. Find out more about the bad dental habits you really should stop.

Learn the best ways to keep your teeth healthy.

Do you make any of these ten tooth brushing mistakes?

Discover the pros and cons of electric and disposable toothbrushes.

You have white teeth now, but do you know how to keep them that way?

Which active ingredients in toothpastes work the best? Do you need a whitening paste? Is fluoride safe? Learn all of this and more.

Do whitening toothpastes whiten teeth more than regular toothpastes?

With so many dental care products on the market today, how do you know which products are right for you?

Oral hygiene for kids

When do babies teeth? When do children grow their adult teeth? Find out more.

You can never start too early when it comes to protecting baby teeth and teaching good dental habits to your child. Find out more.

How do you brush milk teeth?  When should children brush and floss on their own? Learn more.

Some foods promote healthy teeth, while others can harm a child's oral health. Find out the facts.

BootsWebMD provides an overview of common oral health problems in babies, toddlers and young children.

Oral hygiene for older people

Advancing age puts you at risk of several dental health problems. Find out what those are and how older adults can care for their teeth.

Learn the answers to these frequently asked questions about dental care for older people


Read about common causes of tooth loss and ways to prevent it.

Teeth feel fuzzy? It could be plaque that can lead to tooth decay. Learn what causes dental plaque and five ways to prevent it.

If plaque is allowed to remain on the teeth, it hardens into tartar, or dental calculus. Find out more about what tartar is, how to prevent its accumulation, and why it matters.

Tooth decay creates holes in the teeth called cavities. You can help prevent tooth decay with these seven tips

Bad breath is all too common, but you don’t have to suffer with the smell. It could also be a sign of other health problems. Get the facts.

Can a knocked-out tooth be repaired? Find out and get tips on preventing sport related tooth and mouth injuries.
Tongue piercing: Things to consider

Read more about the different kinds of mouth guards, who should use them and why.

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