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Treatment & care

Can osteoarthritis be cured? What treatment for osteoarthritis is available? Get answers about care and treatment options like physiotherapy, medication and more.


Learn the basics of the treatment options - from pain killers to surgery.

If you get little or no joint pain relief from osteoarthritis medications, it may be time to consider having joint surgery. Get the facts.

There are several types of osteoarthritis medicines. This overview offers quick, easy explanations of what they are and how they treat arthritis.

Discover how these medications for arthritis reduce your pain.

Injections may be able to help reduce your osteoarthritis pain. Find out more.

Learn how occupational and physiotherapy can help ease arthritis pain.

Is it time for knee surgery for osteoarthritis? Is it inevitable? Find out.

Who can this surgery help, what are its benefits and what are the risks?

Treatment for the different types of arthritis generally includes occupational therapy, physiotherapy, exercise, medication and sometimes surgery to correct joint damage.

Find out more about hip replacement surgery for hip osteoarthritis.

Read more about knee replacement surgery.

Knee braces help realign the knee, taking pressure off damaged areas to relieve pain and to help restore function.


Steps for getting started with exercise for your arthritis -- and knowing when to stop.

You can make simple lifestyle changes to help delay or limit osteoarthritis symptoms. Find out more.

Read more about using alternating heat and cold to help ease arthritis pain.

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