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Causes of pain

What causes chronic pain? From nerve pain to shingles to depression, learn more about what might be causing your pain.


If you have stiffness, pain and restricted movement in your shoulder, you may have frozen shoulder.

Chest pain usually refers to pain felt in the upper torso, anywhere between the shoulders and the ribs.

When nerve fibres get damaged, the result can be chronic pain. Read about the common causes of neuropathic pain, such as diabetes.

Find out more about the symptoms of nerve damage and nerve pain.

Pinched nerves can sometimes lead to other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and damage to nerves due to various factors can cause a peripheral neuropathy. Early diagnosis can prevent damage.

If you develop pain that starts in your buttocks or goes down the back of your leg after sitting for a long period of time, or on climbing stairs, bending, or walking and running – it might be sciatica. Read up on this common painful problem.

Shingles is caused by a virus that involves the nerve roots of the spine and the brainstem, and affects 250,000 people in the UK each year. It may cause pain that lasts for months or even years.

Find out more about ganglion cysts symptoms and when to seek medical advice.

Depression, anxiety and other emotional problems can cause pain – or make existing pain worse. Learn more here.

Use your muscles incorrectly, too much, too little – and you’ve got a type of pain that is due to problems with the fascia (the tissue that encloses muscles). Learn more about this troublesome condition.

It’s a baffling, intensely painful disorder that can develop from a seemingly minor injury. Learn more about this disorder.

A stroke, multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries can result in chronic pain and burning sensations that arise from damage to regions of your brain.

Phantom pain refers to the sensation of pain felt in a missing arm or leg by patients who have had a limb amputated.

A car accident or any abrupt jerking motion to the head and neck can cause whiplash. Find out more here.

Burns differ in type and severity – as does the pain. Click here for more about the symptoms and treatments of burn-related pain.

Swollen glands, or swollen lymph nodes, are a common symptom of infection. Read more about this common cause of pain.

Baker's cysts (popliteal cysts) are one cause of knee pain. Read more about causes, symptoms and treatments for Baker's cysts.

Find out more about the potential causes of fibromyalgia pain.

Read about trochanteric bursitis symptoms, causes and treatment.

Pain is a common symptom of multiple sclerosis, because of nerve damage and muscle spasms.

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