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10 weeks pregnant

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How is your baby growing at 10 weeks?

By week 10 of pregnancy your baby will be about 30mm (3cm) from head to bottom (crown to rump). The proportions between body and head are changing, with the body now forming over half the length of the baby, and the tail should disappear by the end of this week. The neck will also be developing.

The eyes by now are well developed, with the eyelids starting to close together around them. The eyes have been forming at the side of the head, but they will begin migrating forwards. The tongue will soon be fully developed and teeth buds will appear in the jawbone.

The baby's major organs will all be functional and starting to work together. The brain will be connected to tiny muscles and nerves, allowing the baby to be active by moving limbs and swallowing fluids. The heart should be beating at 180 times a minute, a much faster rate than your own.

The toes and the fingers will be well-formed and completely separate by the end of week 10, and peach-like fuzzy hair may appear. The testes or ovaries are developing this week, as are the clitoris and penis, but it will still be too early to determine the baby's gender.

The placenta is now developing more rapidly. It becomes fully functioning around week 12.

How are you changing in week 10?

If you feel above the middle of your pubic bone, you might be able to detect your womb – it should be about the size of a grapefruit. You will probably still be feeling tired, and possibly moody, and may still be struggling with morning sickness, but these symptoms of early pregnancy won't be lasting for much longer than a couple of weeks. However, constipation is a common problem in pregnancy, and it can get worse as the pregnancy continues.

What you need to know in week 10

You won't be ready for maternity clothes yet, but you might want to abandon tight-fitting clothes for looser-fitting ones in your wardrobe. If your bras are getting uncomfortable, start looking for maternity bras to provide better support and comfort.

If you find that constipation is a problem, try eating high- fibre foods, increase your fluid intake and get plenty of exercise.

Your GP or midwife should offer you a dating scan, which should be taken when you are between 8 and 14 weeks pregnant. This is an ultrasound scan that will check on how your baby is physically developing and also help to estimate when your baby will be due.


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Reviewed on January 16, 2017

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