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Sexual conditions health centre

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Overview & facts

The physical, psychological and lifestyle problems that affect sexual health aren’t just caused by hormones. Read on to learn more.

What are sexual conditions?

A woman’s sexual difficulty can result from physical or medical problems, relationship issues or psychological stresses.

Learn about disorders that can affect a man’s sexual function and fertility.

Here’s a frank discussion about STIs and symptoms, and tips on protecting yourself.

Are you at risk?

Learn more about your risk of contracting this STI.

A virus that causes cold sores is easily transmitted via oral sex and vaginal intercourse.

You might be at greater risk for contracting HIV if you have genital herpes. Read more.

Thrush, affecting the mouth or genitals, can be passed on in some circumstances.


Learn about preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections with safer sex.

Learn about alternative methods now available, including a birth control patch and a vaginal ring.

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