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Reduce debt to reduce stress: Debt reduction checklist

Money worries can weigh you down and make you feel ill.

A 2013 survey by charity debt counsellors Christians Against Poverty found that 42% of those seeking debt help had been prescribed medication by their GP to help them cope.

Use this checklist to help you curb your expenses and get in better financial health.

  • Cut up your credit cards. If you want to keep one, leave it at home.
  • Organise your financial records. Figure out how much you owe and to whom.
  • Budget by tracking what you spend this month and looking for unnecessary expenses you can cut next month.
  • Pay bills on time to avoid late charges.
  • Target debts that have the highest interest rates and fees. Pay them off first.
  • Pay credit card balances in full if you can. Next best thing: make more than the minimum payment.
  • Ask for a pay rise, offer to work overtime, or look for a second job. Use any extra income to lower debt.
  • Take unwanted stuff to a car boot sale or sell items you don't need online. Use whatever you make to pay bills.
  • If you're tempted by internet shopping or TV shopping channels, use parental controls to deny yourself access to them.
  • Start an emergency fund. Use that instead of a credit card for unexpected expenses.
  • Create a barter system. Swap items and services with friends and neighbours to cut expenses.
  • Look for low-cost entertainment - parks, movies from the library, picnics instead of restaurant dinners.
  • Talk with your family. Get everyone onside with your debt-reduction plan.
  • Contact your creditors. Ask about negotiating a payment plan.
  • Consolidate higher-interest credit card balances to one with a lower interest rate.
  • If you live in England and regularly pay for prescriptions, consider buying a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC). In general if you pay for more than 12 prescription items a year a PPC will save you money and you can pay for it over 10 months by direct debit. Prescriptions are free in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
  • Keep your eyes on the future prize! Paying off bills may not be fun now, but it will improve your life and help you achieve goals long-term.

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks on July 12, 2017

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