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Treating Sore Throat

Treating Sore Throat

The first sign of a cold is usually a dry, scratchy sore throat which experts believe may be due to the virus infecting the back of the nose.

The throat runs from the back of the mouth to the top of the respiratory and digestive tracts and has three main parts — the tonsils, pharynx and larynx.

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A sore throat is often a sign that you may have an infection in the area, but there are other things that can irritate the throat, causing redness and swelling. These include cigarette smoke, a polluted environment, voice strain or even changes in air temperature.

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There are lots of sore throat symptoms, and throat infection symptoms, but the good news is there are many different sore throat remedies out there. There are medications that can help soothe the pain such as Strepsils Sore Throat Pain Relief Honey & Lemon Flavour 2.4mg Lozenges.

If you experience a sore throat, you can help make yourself and your throat feel better by sucking an effective medicated lozenge. Lozenges can help lubricate the lining of the throat further bringing real, noticeable relief. And if you choose one from the Strepsils range, rest assured that it can keep working, even after the lozenge has gone.

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