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Treating Cold & Flu

Treating cold and flu

There is no 'cure' as such, but you can treat your symptoms with over-the-counter medicines (sold without a prescription), which don't require a trip to your GP. Despite this, 1–in–4 people unnecessarily visit their GP or A&E as a first point of call when suffering from cold and flu1. Find out more

Treating your Symptoms:

It's virtually impossible to have contact with other people and not catch a cold from time to time as the viruses are so common. There is a wide range of products to help relieve all your major cold and flu symptoms; fever, headaches, body aches, blocked nose & sore throat. For example, a comforting cup of Lemsip Max Cold and Flu Lemon could be just what you need to warm you in seconds giving comforting cold relief that lasts for hours. Or, Lemsip Max Day & Night Cold & Flu Relief Capsules to help relieve sore throat, headache, and lowering of temperature.

Cold and Flu treatments come in a range of different formats; hot drinks that offer warm comforting relief, capsules which are great for on the go with some water and liquids.

lemsip range

Lemsip, Strepsils and Nurofen have a wide range of products that help take control of your cold and flu symptoms. For expert advice on how to treat your symptoms, why not speak to a pharmacist.

Preventing Cold & Flu:

If you are not currently suffering from cold and flu and want to try to avoid it this season, there are a few measures you can adopt to try and prevent getting a cold.

Washing hands
Healthy lifestyle
Lots of liquids


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