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How do I get rid of bingo wings?

WebMD Commentary
Medically Reviewed by Dr Sheena Meredith

'Bingo wings' is the nickname given to flabby upper arms, usually in women after middle age.

They are more likely if you are overweight or obese, so dieting may help reduce bingo wings, though loose skin may appear after sudden weight loss.

Doing toning exercises and stretches that target the upper arms may also reduce the appearance of bingo wings. Good exercises include press-ups, wall pushes and bench dips.

Swimming is another good exercise for the arms.

If you are not used to exercise, seek medical advice first to get tips on an exercise programme that's right for you.

For some people, bingo wings develop despite exercise and fairly healthy living. Some women opt for cosmetic surgery to correct the problem, called arm reduction surgery or an arm lift. This procedure removes excess fat and loose skin. Make sure you understand the costs and risks of this private treatment before going ahead with it. Do your research, and find a reputable clinic or hospital. Time off work to recover from the surgery will be needed. Less invasive options, including liposuction and coolsculpting ('fat freezing') are also available.

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Reviewed on November 16, 2017

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